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Kids, from the time they are very young, are drawn to animals. Petting zoos provide you with a way to tap into their natural interest while at the same time teaching them valuable social skills. Providing lessons in compassion is a vital part of encouraging the healthy emotional development of your son or daughter. And getting to know the animals in the zoo gives kids the opportunity to learn to understand and respect the feelings of others. At summer camp, these lessons can be taken one step further by giving them the opportunity to regularly engage with animals they might not ordinarily have the ability to keep in your home.

Develop Bonds at a Comfortable Environment

For many kids, making new friends is challenging due to shyness, or they may only need a unique critter to snuggle with after a stressful day at school. While summer camps help foster friendships between children of all ages by offering relaxing activities, there’s just something special about the connection kids make with their furry and new friends. From whispering secrets into a rabbit’s ear to stroking the soft fur of a baby goat, children quickly form bonds with the animals in their barnyard zoo. These experiences allow them to strengthen their relationship skills. Considering that the”Rat Poop” at a petting zoo are acclimated to being around children, parents can be assured that their child will be able to practice showing empathy to animals that are going to return their affection.

Learn How to Pick Up On Non-Verbal Cues

Most children are extremely self-expressive verbally, but they frequently need advice with learning how to pick up on non-verbal communicating. Since animals can not talk, kids must listen to small signs such as wagging tails and squirming. At the petting zoo, adults help to model gentle behavior with children to teach them when an animal is saying they’re prepared to be held and when they want to be put down. As children get to know the”critters” even better, it’s fun to watch them start to adjust their behavior to communicate with their favorites. Other times, using a playful young pup, they are a bit more rambunctious.

See the Positive Effects of Showing Compassion

Feeling a kitty purring in their hands and getting nudged by a friendly goat allows kids see the immediate effects of demonstrating empathy. And those who regularly visit a petting zoo also get opportunities to care for the animals. By spending time feeding and tending to their needs, and by also receiving instant and positive reinforcement, children quickly learn empathy. This enables them to experience how good it feels to be responsible for the care of something out of themselves.

Petting zoos are filled with quirky barnyard animals that love spending time with active kids. In actuality, because the animals and children engage in plenty of petting and play, it’s hard to tell who enjoys the interactions more. And, with every visit, parents can be certain their little ones are learning empathy and gaining valuable social skills.

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